May 9-10th,  Apache Gold
                                               San Carlos, AZ

Tony Romano
Overall  Champion

Kathy Hollmann
Reserve Overall Cowgirl


Dan Bryd 
Overall  Champion

Jana Morris 
Overall Champion Cowgirl

Top Ten: 1. Dan Byrd,   2. Tony Romano,   3. Jana Morris,   4. Kathy Hollmann,   5. Robert Morris,   6. Billy Montgomery,  
7. Bill Marley,   8. Natalie Johnson,   9. Bob Giacolone (not pictured)   10. Annie Ellett


Diana Olson Sponsor,
Tony Romano,   Jana Morris,
Dan Byrd,   Ed Avery



Men Class Winners:    M1. Scott Long,      SM1. John McFadden,    M2. Bill Marley,    SM2. Calvin Knox,    M3. Scott Crawford,  
Ed Avery,     M4. Tony Romano,  SM4.  Billy Montgomery,       SM6. Jim Rodgers,   M6. Dan Byrd

Lady Class Winners:   L1. Valerie Caro,   SL1. Neoma Robichaud,   SL2. Hallie McFadden,     L2 Kathy Hollmann,    
Lily Rodgers,    L3. Rachel Harrison,    L4. Natalie Johnson,    SL4. Diana Olson,    SL5. Jana Morris,     L6. Annie Ellett

Rifle Champion: Dan Byrd

Men's Eliminator Champion: Sean Bishop

Lady's Eliminator Champion: Kenda Lenseigne



Overall    Classes    Stages

Quigley Photography Pictures

Pictures Courtesy of Lily Rodgers

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