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The Inaugural Shoot for the Mounted Shooting Arena at Ben Avery
is a Success!


Dan Bryd 
Overall Weekend Champion

Jana Morris 
Overall Weekend Champion Cowgirl

Our thanks go out to the many supporters of the Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Center from across the country. This is the worlds first center designed for mounted shooting! It is on the same site as the first ever event in 1992.  The event was watched by 10s of thousands attending the Arizona Game and Fish Expo. We received live TV and newspaper coverage.   We had  108 competitors the first day and 99 the second.  After all of the work the ACMSA volunteers put in, the best payoff is a high turnout. We had California, Utah, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota and more represented!          Click Here for Slide Show


Lynne Merrick and Wayne Riggs
Sunday  Champions

Dan Byrd Rifle Champion



Weekend Sharpshooters:   
Cheri Johnson, Dave Crandall, Jana Morris

Sponsored by

Wranglers: Payton Hynes,
Vayle Johnson, Montana Hynes, Chase Morse

Sunday Top Ten
FR: 1
Wayne Riggs, 4 Dave Crandall,   BR: 5 Lynne Merrick, 6 Jana Morris,
Patrick Morris, 8 Melissa Dragoo, 10 Cindy Crandall, 3 Dan Byrd

  Melissa Dragoo with Ruger Gun Winners John Weist and Lynne Merrick


Saturday Top Ten
10 Tony Romano, 6 Wayne Riggs,  7 Jana Morris,  3 Dan Byrd,
2 Wes Walton,  4 Dave Crandall,

Sunday Men Class Winners

Sunday Ladies Class Winners



Top Ten:    
 Saturday    Sunday    Weekend
Overall:        Saturday     Sunday
Classes:      Saturday     Sunday
Stages:        Saturday     Sunday

Quigley Event Photos

Our 7 foot high rock wall with a huge rusty iron shooter firing into the air greeted visitors. The brick pavilion with the American flag was the center of the flag raising ceremony. Many people wandered amongst the bricks looking for their brick or someone they know. It is an impressive and beautiful memorial.

We expected about 60 shooters and upped that to 80. Well, we had 108 the first day and 99 the second. We had over a dozen brand new shooters! We requested and received emergency permission from CMSA to shorten the events to 3 stages because of the extraordinary turnout.  Even so, the first day went until the sun was low in the sky. We were glad to finish before we had to line up truck headlights to see the balloons!

Our most popular event was the grand entry. To see 108 riders with flags weaving in and out to patriotic music warmed everyone's heart. It was awesome!  Susan Turner and her sister Patty Holland  were the dance masters, assisted by  Susan's husband Don and Dawn Morris.   Matt Zinn movingly narrated the story. The crowd and Game and Fish had never seen anything like it. 

Dan Byrd won the  first  Rifle Competition to be held in the arena and he along with Jana Morris took home the titles of Weekend Overall Champions.  They will receive a brick in the plaza for their Inaugural win!  Thank you to Melissa Dragoo and Ruger Firearms for donating 2  SR9's.

Arizona Game and Fish is so pleased with the results, volunteerism and fast build out that they are ready to start the second phase tomorrow (there are 4 phases). Our volunteers are pooped right now, so we will need a week or so to rest. But, we must hustle to get covered corrals, the spectator Plaza and infrastructure in place in time for the completion of the RV park that will be on the eastern border. Construction starts in October. Shooters will be able to RV camp at Ben Avery for extended stays in the winter of 2010 if all goes well.  Western Shooting Horse Magazine donated a free 1 year's subscription to each contestant. Thanks Ken!

Story by Robert Morris       For more information or to buy a brick go to



Susan Turner SL4-SL5

Dave Crandall M3-M4

Mark Caro M2-M3

Megan Fadlovich  L2-L3

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Pictures on this page and of the Entire Event
by Miss Lorie of Mr. Quigley Photography

Inaugural Ben Avery Mounted 3-28-09

Inaugural Ben Avery Mounted 3-29-09