Jesse Kuka        Dan Byrd

Wes Walton       Jana Morris

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1.   Dan Byrd

2.   Wes Walton

 3.   Jesse Kuka

4.   Bob Giacolone

5.   Tony Romano

6.   Scott Crawford 7.   Tom Lattimore

 8.   Jana Morris

9.   Grant McMaster

10.   Wayne Riggs

Pictures by by Barry Hart and Rick Pascal Photography


           Left to Right: L2 Michelle Martin,   L6 Jesse Kuka,   L5 Diane Holmes-Purcelli,   SL5 Jana Morris,   L3 Rachel Harrison,   SL3 Jamie Zueger,  
                         L1 Carrie Boswell, SL2 Susie Montgomery

                  Left to Right:   M3 Scott Crawford,   M1 Jim DeLung,   SM2 Calvin Knox,  M2 Brian Morse,   SM3 Ron Jakola,   SM5 Tony Romano,  
                                 M4 Grant McMaster,    M6 Dan Byrd

                                    Left to Right:   Jim DeLung,    Calvin Knox,      Scott Crawford,    Jana Morris,        Jesse Kuka,      Dan Byrd,   
Not Pictured:  Wes Walton,  Bob Giacolone,  Ton Lattimore,     Cheryl Boisjoli,    Lynne Merrick





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