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ACMSA Message from the President By Mike Eastwood
Oct 24, 2015, 17:18

What an amazing year for the ACMSA! The 2015 shooting season has closed, so I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on this past season. I would first like to thank the ACMSA Board of Directors for their contributions to the club, the members and supporting me the past few months.

Vice President- Don Donka the hardest working member we will ever have, Secretary - Leslie Ivanchan points updates and keeping the meeting in line and on time, Treasurer -Ronda Blauvelt always having the checks filled out so awards can go fast and smooth, Match Director - Tony Romano what a year Tony just awesome, Von Brady and her amazing buckles this year, Dee Ladd Hall of Famer for CMSA, Gloria Barton for all the hard work with the Flags Ceremonies, Cheryl Boisjoli - Sponsorships, Paige McGinnis with face book posts and Regan Anderson. This was the greatest board ever and what a team we were.

I also would like to thank the amazing ACMSA sponsors, without the sponsors we would not have a club or the great events we put on each year. The title sponsor Bargain Barn Tack, Gun Plus, Blu Sol Spa, Ruger Guns, RWC Supplies, Associated Fence, In & Out Chiropractic, Niles Radio, Outlaw Blanks, Susan & Don Turner, Omega Appaloosas, Frank Turban , CMSA and the support they give us at each match and Bridle & Bit for allowing us to write about our adventure each month in their magazine. Thank you so much for what you do for the ACMSA club. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact ACMSA.

The ACMSA board would like to thank all the volunteers that helped us all year long. Nancy Smith what can we say about Nancy but she is just AWESOME. Nancy is always there helping and doing what we need. Katryna Eastwood who sings the National Anthem and always available for the board when they need someone to help with timers, check in, announcing, etc. (itís tough to be the Presidentís daughter) Lily Rogers ACMSAís own photographer, Lily is always making us do silly things and we sure have fun doing them all the time. Jim Rogers the CMSA Chairman of the Board who I can call and get advice when I need it and his mentorship of the sport. The past Presidents Tom, Grant, Frank, Diana for all their support and wisdom, Ann Martino, Brian Barton, Susan Turner, Joel Ostrovsky, Callie and Maddie Lowe, Scott Crawford, Diane Olsen, Chad & Tracy Reinhart, Barb & Don Maggiore, Patty Davenport, Dan Byrd and Scott Poppenberger working with the wranglers and the list goes onÖwhich is why the ACMSA club and their members are so amazing.

With all this said, it saddens me to announce I will be stepping down as the ACMSA President after the 2015 awards banquet. I was offered a consulting position in San Francisco that I am committed to for the next few months. I believe in order to do a great job you need to be available for the members. I would like to thank Don Donka for stepping in and helping me these past few months with responsibilities that I was not able to take care of. Being the President of this ACMSA has been an honor and I hope I served the members well. The goal this year was to always have a schedule of the shoots posted at all times. We already have all of 2016 posted on the ACMSA website. Another goal was to put on amazing events. This year South West Regional was the biggest event ACMSA has ever had with over 185 riders. With the help of Cathy Hendricks we pulled two clubs together and put on Boarder Wars where we had over 140 riders and are looking forward to this event again which is already scheduled for 2016. ACMSA with the help of CMSA had the Shootout at West World with $5,000 added money. Expo at Ben Avery was a three day event with a HUGE turnout. ACMSA had a few fun away events in Flagstaff and Prescott. In the 2015 season ACMSA put on 19 events. This is the most shoots this club has ever put on in one year. We purchased a trailer that is ready to go and fully stocked for two arenas at any time. What makes being part of this club so special is all the amazing riders I have met. I have made so many friends this year and hope to be a part of their lives forever. Just hope one day I get the invite to ZOC Ranch, then my shooting dreams will be complete.

Now for what you have been waiting for, we just finished up the Arizona State Championship. We would like to thank Queen Creek Horseshoe Park and General Manager Tim Lynch and your amazing staff. If you ever want to have an event at a world class arena with the finest staff in the horse arena business call Tim. Here are the State winners.

L1- Katie Magowen, L2- Heather Herdt, L3 Shiloh Garner, L4- Lacy Fagg, L5- Tammy Esau, L6 Kenda Lenseigne, M1- J.P Dyal, M2- William Johnson, M3- Cole Salopek, M4- Alan Firetto, M5- Ethan Wilkinson, M6- Dan Byrd, SL1- Beverly Resch, SL2- Anita Gregory, SL3- Susan Anderson, SL4- Deb Smith-Black, SL5- Jana Morris, SM1- Dale Mincks, SM2- Ed Graham, SM3- Jerry Kurtz, SM4- Don Maggiore, SM5- Scott Crawford, SM6- Jim Rodgers, WRL- Keeley Callander, WRO- Liam Stillson.
Our eliminator winners are Kenny Lawson, Paul Ambrose, Nick Kay, Rylee Lawson, Shiloh Garner and Kenda Lenseigne!

The ACMSA will be holding board elections at the 2015 awards banquet on November 14, 2015. We hope everyone can attend. To close, thank you all for an amazing year and the support you gave me as your club President. I hope I made your 2015 events fun, special and everyone made some new friends. This is a family sport with amazing people from all over the country, we are fortunate to have great local AZ trainers to help us become better riders and at the end of the day when the event was finished my goal was to have fun, laugh out loud, make great memories and shoot some balloons!

Message from the ACMSA President
Sep 27, 2015, 16:46

Don Maggiore

ACMSA Members, itís getting to be that wonderful time of year again. Weíve had an amazing 2014-2015 season with some great memories and impressive shooting. This was one of ACMSA biggest years with more one day events to earn overall points. With all of that said, itís almost time for the moment everyone has been working towards. Itís time for our class and overall high points to come into place. Itís not over yet folks, it all will go down at state championships! This can make or break you, this is where you can take home the prize in winning your class or toss it all the away in this last event. With some of these closes classesí one balloon can make the difference who will win.

Jumping for joy as were back at Queen Creek Horse Shoe Park

The question that is asked, whoís in the lead? Currently our overall leader in ACMSA points is Don Maggoire with 1744 points. Reserve overall high point is Kimberly Larsen with 1721 points. This will be a battle to the end. Tom Lattimore is close behind with 1596 points. As for our class leaders, our ladies one leader is currently Tracey Reinke with 488 and the runner up is Gloria Barton with 171 points. Ladies two current leader is Callie Lowe with 926 points, followed by Cheryl Hibbert with 849 points. Our ladies three leader is Paige McGinnis with 1438 points and Von Brady right at her heels with 1418 points. We have a tie right now for ladies four with Kathleen Callander and Deanna Poppenberger both with 1529 points! Leading our ladies five is Kimberly Larsen with 1721 and in second place is Jamie Lowe with 1407 points. Mens one leader is Chad Reinhart with 378 points with James Prendergast behind him with 66 points. Currently taking wining the class for our mens two class is Sam Colgan with 658 points and in second place is David Fatum with 41 points. Mens three leader is Regan Anderson with 852 points while Paul Ambrose is close behind with 756 points. Taking the lead in our mens four class is Alan Firetto with 1272 points and right behind him is Joel Ostrovsky with 775 points. Our mens 6 class leader is Dan Byrd with 1267 points.

Kimberly Larsen

Now on to our seniors. SL1 current class leader is Sherri Mikinstray with 206 points with Cameron Mitchell right behind her with 30 points. Anita Gregory is leading our SL2 class with 424 points and Jaye Kukowski with 319 points. Our SL3 class leader is Leslie Ivanchan with 1185 points and Cheryl Boisjole has 698 points right behind her. The SL4 class leader is Susan Turner with 939 points and in second place is Lily Rodgers with 799 points. The SL5 class leader is Nancy Crosby with 1289 points. Our SM 1 class leader is George Kiley with 19 points. The SM2 class leader is Don Donka with 582 points and in second place behind is Dan Tice with 295 points. Dale Schaefeer is leading our SM3 class with 1477 points and in second place is Mike Eastwood with 952 points. Don Maggorie is not only leading out overall with 1744 points but he is also leading SM4 and Philip Wogoman is right behind with 894 points. SM5 class leader is Tom Lattimore with 1596 with Chuck Martino behind with 1144 points. Jim Rodgers is leading our SM6 class with 1454 points and right behind is Tony Romano with 944 points.

Who will take it all? Weíll have to see what happens at Arizona State Championships at Queen Creek Horse Shoe Park to see what happens! Our next season of points starts at our Halloween shoot on October 31, 2015 at Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Arena. For more information on Cowboy Mounted Shooting and our upcoming events, please visit www. ACMSA.COM

Message from the President of ACMSA
Aug 29, 2015, 19:51
Mike Eastwood

Hello Shooters!

Top 10 over all

As summer comes to an end, our shooter season is just about to begin! We want to thank all of the shooters who came out to our last summer shoot at Prescott Rodeo Grounds. It was a fun shoot and a great town. We look forward to seeing more of you next year with us for our Honor Our Vets shoot. We had a beautiful ceremony to honor all of our military branches featuring some of our shooters carrying flags in between stages. We would also like to thank Dave Anderson and Mark Lang with Ruger Gun Company for their sponsorship for the Honor our Vet Shoot. Ruger Gun Company donated a gun for a drawing which went to ACMSA member Becky Caudle. Congratulations Becky! Enjoy your new gun!

ACMSA Founder Jim Rogers

The results for the Honor Our Vet shoot- Saturday:
Class Winners- L1 Tracy Reinke, L2 Wendy Schaefer, L3 Von Brady, L4 Deanna Poppenberger, L5 Kimberly Larsen, M1 Chad Reinhart, M3 Regan Anderson, M4 Joel Ostrovsky, M6 Zane Chunn, SL1, Sherri Mckinstray, SL2 Anita Gregory, SL3 Leslie Ivanchan, SL4 Hallie McFadden, SM1 Jim Pinson, SM2 Dave Anderson This was a move up to S3 way to go Dave, SM3 Dale Schaefer, SM4 Don Maggiore, SM5 Chuck Martino, SM6 Tony Romano, WRL Keeley Callander, and WRO Mitchell Ostrovsky.

Katryna Eastwood and Don Donka Katryna Class win and Move up to Ladies 3

Top ten- Kimberly Larsen, Hallie McFadden, Kathleen Callander, Regan Anderson, Don Maggiore, Kristen Daulton, Von Brady, Dale Schaefer, our ladies overall Deanna Poppenberger and our menís overall Zane Chunn. Zane thank you for taking the time to attend a ACMSA event.

Dave Anderson Mark Lang Ruger Company and Sponsor for Shoot Kim Larson

The results for the Honor Our Vet shoot- Sunday:
Class Winners- L1 Alexis Vail, L2 Katryna Eastwood This was a move up for Katryna to a L3 way to go!, L3 Molly Anderson, L4 Deanna Poppenberger, L5 Kimberly Larsen, M1 Chad Reinhart, M3 Scott Poppenberger, M4 Joel Ostrovsky, M6 Zane Chunn, SL1 BJ Sears, SL2 Anita Gregory, SL3 Leslie Ivanchan, SL4 Sharon Little, SM1 Jim Pinson, SM2 Bryan Barton, SM3 Frank Sears, SM4 Don Maggiore, SM5 Scott Little, SM6 Jim Rodgers, WRL Keeley Callander, WRO Mitchell Ostrovsky.
Top ten- Chuck Martino, Jim Rodgers, Scott Little, Scott Poppenberger, Renee Robichaud, our mens overall Don Maggiore, Kristen Daulton, Molly Anderson, Deanna Poppenberger and our ladies overall Kimberly Larsen.

As the heat has been brutal this summer for Arizona, we at the ACMSA would like to remind you to keep you and your horses hydrated while riding. Make sure you and your horses are drinking lots of water and staying cool as we get through the last couple weeks of hot weather.
ACMSA lost one of our family on June 30, 2015 Patrick Allan Morris. A native of Arizona went home to be with the lord. Patrick and His wife Dawn Morris was so involved in the ACMSA club and the Ben Avery Development. I met Patrick at one of my first events with ACMSA. From that day every time I would see him he would walk over ask if I was ok, how I am doing, and always ask about my family. Then his last words to me would be, if you need anything just call. Patrick we will miss you but never forget you.

Our last CMSA shoot of the season will be Arizona State Championships at Horseshoe Park in Queen Creek, Arizona, September 25-27. We look forward to seeing everyone there. If you have any questions about ACMSA or mounted shooting in general, please contact us at our website.

Message from the ACMSA President
Jul 26, 2015
Mike Eastwood

This month we held a two day event at the Flagstaff Rodeo Grounds in conjunction with the Flagstaff Rodeo. ACMSA would like to thank Kristen Daulton and her committee for allowing ACMSA to attend this event. They organized an amazing event. If you have never attended this event you need to put in or your calendar for next year. ACMSA started off Friday night with a Cowboy Mounted Shooting demonstration and followed up with a match on Saturday. The top ten from Saturdayís event came back for a ďOne RunĒ winner takes all in front of 3,000 plus crazy, cheering fans. The winner of this event was Kayla Stuart and second place was Kenneth Basham. Congratulation to Kaylea and Kenneth. ACMSA finished off Sunday with another match.

Here are the results from both events and the top ten.
Top Ten for Saturday: Cliff Garner, Elise Wilson, Molly Anderson, Kaylea Stuart, Don Maggiore, Regan Anderson, Shiloh Garner, Kathleen Callander, our menís overall Kenneth Basham and overall winner Kenda Lenseigne. These riders attended the main event on Saturday night.
Class Winners for Saturday: L1 Tracy Reinke, L2 Denise Mcginnis, L3 Shiloh Garner, L4 Kathleen Callander, L6 Kenda Lenseigne, M1 James Prendergast, M3 Regan Anderson, M4 Kenneth Basham, SL1 Sherri Mckinstray, SL2 Kathy Kentera, SL3 Susan Anderson, SL4 Deb Smith-Black, SM2 David Anderson, SM3 Cliff Garner, SM4 Don Maggiore, SM5 Tom Lattimore, WRL Keeley Callander, WRO Cassidy Garner.
Top Ten for Sunday: Dale Schaefer, Kathleen Callander, Mike Eastwood, Cliff Garner, Leslie Ivanchan, Elise Wilson, Don Maggiore, Shiloh Garner, Von Brady and our overall winner Kenda Lenseigne.

Class Winners for Sunday: L1 Molly Leach, L2 Katryna Eastwood, L3 Von Brady, L4 Kathleen Callander, L6 Callander, L6 Kenda Lensigne, L1 James Prendergast, M3 Scott Poppenberger, M4 Joel Ostrovsky, SL1 Sherri Mckinstray, SL2 Kathy Kentera, SL3 Leslie Ivanchan, SL4 Denise Darr, SM2 David Anderson, SM3 Cliff Garner, SM4 Don Maggiore, SM5 Tom Lattimore, WRL Keeley Callander, WRO Cassidy Garner.

ACMSA had class move ups! Denise McGinnis move from ladies 2 to ladies 3, Cliff Garner moved from a senior menís 3 to a senior menís 4. Kathy Kentera senior ladies 2 move to senior ladies 3. Class wins for the weekend were Moly Leach, Katryna Eastwood, Von Brady, Shilo Garner, David Anderson and Sheri Mckinstray. Congratulation to all class winners and class move up. Thank you to the board members for all their help and members that pitched in on Sunday. ACMSA would also like to thank our sponsors because without them we would not have a club. Please take the time to review the sponsor page on ACMSA website. Sure is funny Kathy and Cliff were not around to do there move up dance, we will get you in Prescott.

Julyís event will be held at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds on July 25th-26th. The two events will be Saturday, July 25th Honor our Vets and Sunday, July 26 will be Road to Westerns. August will be the Westernís CMSA event in Las Vegas held at South Point Hotel and arena. To learn more about this event go to the CMSA website.
If you would like to know more about mounted shooting or ACMSA go to .


Press Release


Acmsa Inc Receives 2015 Best of Glendale Award

Glendale Award Program Honors the Achievement

GLENDALE March 10, 2015 -- Acmsa Inc has been selected for the 2015 Best of Glendale Award in the Membership Gun Club category by the Glendale Award Program.

Each year, the Glendale Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Glendale area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Glendale Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Glendale Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Glendale Award Program

The Glendale Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Glendale area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Glendale Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Glendale Award Program

Glendale Award Program

To ACMSA Members

December 2014                                    ACMSA News Letter

A Message from ACMSA:

Hello shooters and welcome to the 2014-2015 shooting season! The ACMSA is excited to welcome back all of our previous members, Canadian neighbors, all the Midwesterners flocking to the 70 degree weather in Arizona for the winter, plus any new members joining us this season. My name is Mike Eastwood and I will be your ACMSA President for this season. This yearís ACMSA board includes Don Donka as Vice President, Leslie Ivanchan as Secretary and Wendy Kerychuc will finish out 2014 as Treasure and January 2015 Ronda Blauvelt. Directors are Regan Anderson, Paige McGinnis, Dee Ladd, Von Brady, Tony Romano, Gloria Barton, and Cheryl Boisjoli. The focus for the new board is to have fun and exciting shoots, grow the sport in Arizona and support all the ACMSA sponsors. We are fortunate to have a number of the top riders and World Champions residing in Arizona. In the months ahead these riders will be sharing with us some of their training tips, horsemanship skills and other fun learning tools.  If you are new to the sport here is a little history about Cowboy Mounted Shooting and the ACMSA. The ACMSA is the original affiliate club of the CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association) which is a National Organization. The ACMSA club is a not-for-profit club managed for the benefit of our members.  

Cowboy Mounted Shooting contestants compete in fast action timed events using two .45 caliber single action revolvers each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association "C.M.S.A." has a variety of levels of competition for everyone, ranging from novice levels to the seasoned professional. One of the requirements is that you dress in western attire, either traditional western style or old time style of the late 1800's. Traditional style includes a long sleeve western shirt, 5 pocket blue jeans covered by chinks or chaps, western boots, and a cowboy hat. If you prefer 'rolling back the clock ' to the late 1800's try to look as authentic to the period as possible, by wearing shirts without collars, high-waisted pants with buttons, not zippers and an old style cowboy hat, for example. The cartridges fired are called .45 caliber Long Colts. The brass cartridge is loaded with black powder (like that used in the 1800's). This load will break a balloon up to about 15 feet. Live rounds are strictly prohibited at competitions. There is a Men's Division, a Women's Division, and a Seniorís Division, with Classes 1-6 in each of those divisions. There is also a Wrangler Class for those 11 and under. All riders start at Class 1. When a rider gets a qualified win as a Class 1 four times, they advance to Class 2, and when they get a qualified win in Class 2 four times, they advance to Class 3. Four wins at Class 3 and on to Class 4, 5 wins at Class 4, etc. Can kids ride and shoot? Yes... and no. The riders in the Wrangler class ride the same pattern that the grown-ups do, but they may only shoot Hollywood cap pistols, engaging each target as if they were shooting real blanks. They then shoot the real McCoy (.45's with blanks) at balloons, from the ground while standing stationary with mom or dad at their side. Safety in horse training and firearm handling are emphasized at all times. ACMSA members/trainers hold clinics to assist new shooters in starting their horses and learn the basics of safe firearm handling. Range masters are in the arena at all times during competitions to insure safe riding and shooting is exercised. New shooters are usually required to demonstrate that they have achieved minimum acceptable levels of riding and shooting skills. There are 50+ possible patterns. The patterns everyone will ride can be pre-determined or can be drawn out of a hat on the day of the competition. A competition may consist of 3 to 6 patterns a day. Each pattern consists of 10 balloons. To give you an idea of riding a pattern, let's say that there are 5 white balloons and 5 red balloons. The 5 white balloons may be grouped together in one place or spread out over the entire arena. The rider shoots all 5 white balloons first. Then, the rider holsters the first gun while riding to the far end of the arena, draws the second gun, and shoots the 5 red balloons, which are usually 5 in a row straight towards the finish line. This is called 'the Rundown'. To learn more please attend an event and we can introduce you to riders and trainers. 

With the season upon us ACMSA and CMSA are hosting several huge events. One at the end of January at West World, Scottsdale then two events at Horse Shoe Park, Queen Creek in February that will draw over 170 riders all across the country to compete. There will also be two more events one partnering with the California CMSA Chapters - Boarder Wars Arizona against California the week of January, 16th at Horse Shoe Park and Roots and Booth in March. 

To start off the season, ACMSA teamed up with Horses Help for our Dare to Dream shoot, which was held on November 15, 2014 at the Ben Avery Shooting Arena. This was ACMSAís fifth year supporting Dare to Dream. Twenty riders teamed up in groups of two, one rider and one runner. Each team was then paired with a child from Horses Help. First the rider ran a pattern such as they would do at a normal match, then both team members helped their child on a horse and lead them through the mounted shooting pattern while they pointed at the targets. Last but not least, the runner had to run on the ground and shoot the pattern. It was fun watching the shooters run the patterns on the ground without their horses. The event was celebrated with awards handed out to all the contestant and winners. 

Horses Help was formed in 1987 in response to family and agency requests. Originally serving only 15 riders a week in a back yard situation, Horses Help has now grown to over 100 riders per week. In 1989 the program moved to a commercial facility in NE Phoenix, which was better equipped to house 8 horses and the increasing number of riders and volunteers. In 1993 a second location was made available in Chandler at a private residence. In 1995 expanding to a larger leased commercial location. In the spring of 1996, Horses Help was forced to move once again due to development. This move was to a leased property where many special improvements had to be made. In 1999, Horses Help purchased and is developing a 5 acre parcel located at 2601 E. Rose Garden Lane - Phoenix. This new location is home to 18 horses and allows for expansion of programs and services and of course, numbers of people served. 

That afternoon ACMSA held a three stage match where all the money raised went to Horses Help! After the match for a donation of five dollars, riders were able to test their skills at shotgun and that money was also donated to Horses Help. It was exciting to watch new riders participate. Mitch Ostrovsky from Las Vegas with his family attend the event where Mitch and his father Joel both compete. On Saturday Mitch took home all the prizes. Congratulations Mitch on winning the Wrangler class!

ACMSA also held a match on Sunday, November 16, 2014 at the Ben Avery Shooting arena. We had 41 riders in a very gusty windy day where at time the winds were over 40 MPH. This was a great test for the riders on horsemanship and shooting skills as the dust was blowing, balloons moving all around and items blowing across the arena. 

The top ten shooters for Sunday were (in order from least to greatest) Deanna Poppenberger, Tom Lattimore, Joel Ostrovsky, Mike Eastwood, William Johnson, Paige McGinnis, Don Maggiore, Kimberly Larsen, Jim Rodgers and Tony Romano. The top spot went to Tony Romano overall Cowboy with an overall time of 69.837. Tony was 2.567 seconds faster than the second place finisher. The overall Cowgirl was Kimberly Larsen. The class winners were: L1- Louise Batailler, L2- Kaylea Stuart, L3- Paige McGinnis, L4- Kimberly Larsen, M1- Chad Reinhart, M2- William Johnson, M4- Joel Ostrovsky, SL1- Anita Gregory, SL2- Kathy Kentera, SL3- Susan Anderson, SL4- Lily Rodgers, SM1- Bryan Barton, SM2- Lyle M Benz, SM3- Don Maggiore, SM5- Tom Lattimore, SM6- Tony Romano and Wranglers- Claire Poppenberger who also took home the first place ribbon and other prizes. We would also like to mention that Bryan Barton SM1 after winning his class Sunday moved up to a SM2 class. Congratulations Bryan on your move up. That was a great dace! We also had 6 clean shooters out of 40. 

We would like to thank Susan Turner and Dawn Morris plus many others for putting together a fun event for our shooters and for the kids at Horses Help. Itís always rewarding to see a childís face light up at the opportunity to be a real cowboy for a few hours. Also, thank you to everyone who volunteered at the match. We appreciate everyone who gave their time to help create a successful event unlike any other.  

Donít forget about our upcoming shoot December 6th and 7th at Ben Avery Arena benefiting Paul and Melissa Ambroseís horse rescue ďAtlasta Horse RanchĒ.  

Mike Eastwood
ACMSA President



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